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In a heart-breaking statement, the victim’s mother, who had already lost one son, said she ‘constantly wonders’ if he had stopped to help whether her son would still be alive.

‘When you arrived and saw Peter German, a man you knew to have been in a previous liaison with Shannon Mather, you immediately saw red, and your jealousy and irrational rage, fuelled in part by the amount of alcohol you had drunk, became all-consuming.

‘It is clear that you consider everyone else to be the problem – but you are the problem. Your selfish need to control your partner and your inability to control your temper – indeed your preparedness to lose control and behave as you wish when you feel that you have been wronged.’    

Taking warm bath thirty minutes before bed time at times act as a safe remedial measure to treat insomnia problems.

It refreshes body and keeps you relaxed for good sleep. Pranayama is a fine example for this health benefit. Deep breathing exercise is one among the best recommended remedial measures to treat a wide range of health issues.

Like all GP surgeries, the practice where I work in Hertfordshire is still running a ‘phone first’ system, which was brought in as an emergency measure almost two years ago at the start of the pandemic.

You’ve constantly got this on switch; the off switch only comes at night when you’re on your own and you go into this dark place.’

‘My life is like a tumble dryer and — like a lot of women — I suffer in silence.

Trevor soft music Burke, QC, defending, said the combination of Zolpidem, better known under the brand name Ambien, and alcohol could have caused Olesen to behave in the way he did.

An embarrassing blunder has led to the Therapeutic Goods Administration saying a six-year-old girl suffered ‘heavy menstrual bleeding’ after getting the Pfizer jab.

In their article Time Use and Productivity: The Wage Returns to Sleep (PDF), two researchers from UC San Diego reveal that “a one-hour increase in average weekly sleep increases wages by 1.5% in the short run and by 4.9% in the long run.” It’s true that money never sleeps, but it seems that you certainly should if you want to be making more of it. Sleep deprivation leads to unwanted side effects that can put a hindrance on your ability to perform and excel in your career. 

More sleep has also proven to translate to higher paychecks, perhaps because higher-ups notice the differences in performance.

Banana, chickpeas and barley are some among the effective food items that can improve the production of serotonin. Apart from the above specified food items, you can also make use of food sources like white flour, white beans and oatmeal to improve the production of serotonin. Aaram capsule is one among the best recommended products for those in search of insomnia cures.

Every time I have a dream, I am being chased by someone. I am sore everywhere and they cannot do anything about it.

I have not been able to breathe for a few days. ‘I am paranoid of people staring at me. I keep getting headaches and throbbing all of the time.





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